Studio G Select 

Ages 10-17*

Thursday 4-4:50

Studio G Select is an upbeat vocal ensemble that moves at an accelerated rate! The basics of vocal technique – breathing, warm ups, range, transitioning between different parts of the voice – are addressed, as well as more advanced harmony. Aspects of musicianship are also dealt with, from recognizing a variety of rhythms, to sight-singing in unison and in parts. A variety of vocal styles are covered – from pop to rock to blues – as well traditional folk songs and standard choral repertoire at the choice of both students and teacher.  Studio G Select students are expected to attend all rehearsals and perform throughout the year for public events and concerts.  

*ALL students are required to audition for this select vocal group. For more information, please email us at

Grade K-2

Tuesday 3:30-4:20

$90 Per Month

Through theatre/improvisation games and scene work, Studio G's ACT I students imaginations and creativity can blossom to their full potential! ACT I students will create characters and learn to trust their instincts, building confidence while making new friends and developing independent thinking along the way. Students perform in an open style workshop at the end of the semester.

Toddler Classes

Musical Theatre Intensive

Grades 6-12*

Monday 3:30-4:20

$90 Per Month

Musical Theatre Intensive focuses on applying and bringing together the disciplines of acting, singing and dancing.  Students will learn simple pitch recognition, breathing techniques, vocal projection, storytelling and teamwork as this class explores the importance of ensemble performance through show tunes. Simple theatrical movement and choreography are also introduced. 

*Appropriate for beginners as well as intermediate actors. Younger kids could fit this class if they are very mature and approved by Miss G


Grade 3-5

Tuesday 4:30-5:20

$90 Per Month

Curtain call for all future stars! ACT II acting students will learn improvisation skills and how to keep a scene moving, audition and get the part, take risks and focus on the people you’re working with. This class is a fun and supportive environment for kids to start focusing on what theatre is all about!  Students perform in an open style workshop at the end of the semester.


Connect the Tots to Music & Drama

Ages 2-4

Tuesday 10:00-10:45

$60 Per Month

Sing, dance, pretend, play; where will our imagination take us today? Connect the Tots class takes children on exciting adventures where their imagination has the starring role.  We play drama games, sing songs, experiment with instruments, sing with sign language, dance, role-play and have tons of fun!  And although classes follow the same structure each week (so children very quickly feel comfortable and relaxed) the theme is always different.

"Studio G feels like a family and a home to me.  Every week I look forward to seeing everyone and have such a great time. Studio G is not only a great Vocal and Acting School, it's also a great place to meet new friends and become a part of an amazing community!"  Abby C., Studio G Student

Advanced Acting

Performance Prep & Audition Technique

Grade 6-12*

Monday 4:30-5:50

$110 Per Month

This Acting Class allows our intermediate - advanced actors to find a home for long-term growth and professional preparation. Students will focus on in-depth script analysis, listening and engaging truthfully with scene partners, improvisation, memorization and perfecting audition technique through a mastery of cold reading. With a strong emphasis on developing the actor as both artist and professional, it offers a superior level of training for students who are already working in the industry or are looking to further their training.  

*Younger kids could fit this class if they are very mature and approved by Miss G

Youth Classes


Studio G School of Music and Theatre

Come check us out.....we've got our "ACT" together!

Teen Classes 

As a student of our Studio G Acting Class, you will learn.....

  • To know, trust and support all of your fellow classmates – to be a team player
  • To develop confidence in your ability to “think on your feet” and to enhance your presentation skills
  • To expand your sensory awareness while reacting to a variety of stimuli and responding with naturalness
  • To explore inner feelings in greater depth while creating a variety of characters
  • To know what questions to ask and how to answer them when deepening your character’s base
  • To recognize the importance of preparation – analyzing a script and scoring a role – highlighting and labeling the actions and outlining objectives, actions and qualities
  • To let go of some of your fears and inhibitions about performing in front of others
  • To trust your imagination – explore different perspectives
  • To think critically – analyze and evaluate your own work as well as the work of others
  • To understand and hone the art of acting through improvisation as well as the use of scripted material
  • To grow in your appreciation for and aesthetic awareness of theatre arts while knowing and appreciating it’s history.