July 15-19  |  Ages 7-17

Cost per camp is $330​​

 “Hello”, you’ll never guess “What’s Inside” the ‘Broadway, Our Way’ production camp!  Once again, we are “Defying Gravity” to produceA Cautionary Tale of the most Popular Musicals of our time!  “I Believe” we saw “Michael In the Bathroom” “Waving Through A Window” and mouthing the words “If Only You Would Listen”, “I Love Play Rehearsal” so much I can’t Turn It Off” “For Good”when it’s over!   “Omigod You Guys”, if you know “(What Is) This Feeling” Michael speaks of, then clearly you are “For Forever” a musical theatre obsessed kid and “You Will Be Found” amongst other like-minded kids at this camp! Now, between “You and Me (But Mostly Me), we can think of five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred reasons why this promises to be a week your kiddo will sing about being the most “Beautiful” and FUN week of their lives! 


June 24-28   |  Ages 8-17

​Cost per camp is $330

Back by popular demand!  Studio G can’t “Wait For It” to be Summer 2019 when we take the stage for the THIRD time to produce this ‘A. Ham’ themed performance camp that is sure to leave you “Satisfied”!  HAMILTON campers will explore the score and experience the story which blends hip-hop, pop, blues and jazz from the hottest Broadway show of our time!  Be in “The Room Where It Happens” when performers thread together songs from the dazzling musical that has captured popular consciousness like few Broadway shows!


Week in the Wizarding World

June 10-14  & June 17-21  |  Ages 6-15

​Cost per camp is $330

Have you ever wanted to experience the wonder of Hogwarts, the deliciousness of Butterbeer, the excitement of magic classes?  This "Week in the Wizarding World" will provide all that and more!  If your child is a Harry Potter fan, this week will be an incredible chance to indulge his/her love for one of the most iconic series of this generation.  Receive your Hogwarts uniform, get sorted, join our Hogwarts Dueling Club, and work toward the Hogwarts House Cup! Come explore the same subjects that Harry studied at Hogwarts: Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions and more!  Join us and explore the amazing world of Harry, Ron, Hermione and of course... You Know Who! 

Studio G Production Camps.....come SHINE with us!
Studio G Summer Camps offer week-long rehearsals designed to create an intensive musical theater experience focused on building acting and dance skills, development of character and vocal techniques.
Scripts are customized for each cast to feature and comfortably challenge every performer. 
Each week will end with an impressive showcase performed at JaM Cellars Ballroom in beautiful downtown Napa. 

​All Performance Camps are Monday - Friday  9am - 4pm​ 
All Performances are at 3PM the last day of camp. 

July 8-12  |  Ages 5-17

Cost per camp is $330

Ladies and Gentlemen! Come one, come all to Studio G’s Greatest Show Camp!  “Come Alive” with P.T. Barnum, Charity, Lettie, and a huge group of fun-filled characters. Make “A Million Dreams” come alive in this super-fun camp, inspired by the incredible imagination and ambition of P.T. Barnum, the original greatest showman.  Join us as we sing, dance and act our way through scenes from The Greatest Showman, the bold and original musical movie celebrating the birth of show business, and dreams brought to life and tells of a visionary who rose from humble beginnings to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation; The Greatest Show on Earth!

*HARRY POTTER'S Week in the Wizarding World Camp is not a Performance Camp and location is TBA


HARRY POTTER'S Week in the Wizarding World Camp*

Join us for a magical adventure into the world of imagination!
​​All Specialty Camps are Monday - Friday  9am - 4pm​

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