"Studio G is an amazing opportunity for our community.  Whether your child loves theatre and wants to have fun or they want to seriously pursue a career performing Studio G is your spot!  Miss G is classically trained and her ability to teach and train at any level is brilliant.  In Miss G's studio, she inspires confidence and creative growth along with the discipline needed in the performing arts.  Your child can learn stage performance or work on tech all wrapped up in one!  To quote Mary Poppins "She's perfect in every way!"   

Lori Young, Studio G Parent


Studio G will be announcing all Fall 2020 Classes and Offerings on August 10!!


Studio G School of Music and Theatre

Come check us out.....we've got our "ACT" together!

"Miss G is one of those rare teachers that not only brings out the best in each and every child, she gives them reachable goals that they WANT to achieve! Her gifted teaching style has a professional and focused structure but also flexibility when needed. She is passionate and compassionate - very focused on each child as an individual with their own set of unique interests and challenges."  Lynda Amen, Studio G Parent

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